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CEOG is an innovative multi-megawatt power plant designed to produce reliable and clean electricity. CEOG will provide cheaper and firm power all year long, day and night, to 10 000 homes in Western Guiana.


Combining a photovoltaic plant and mass storage of energy in the form of hydrogen, CEOG is the alternative to a classic diesel power plant. CEOG is fuel free, noise free and produces no harmful gas emission. CEOG only uses solar energy and water, and produces electricity and steam only.


CEOG will supply half of the energy currently consumed by the people of Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni and Mana.


CEOG industrial project’s start date is planned for 2020. CEOG is currently the greatest project worldwide of a power generating plant storing intermittent renewable energy using hydrogen.


The population of French Guiana is very quickly increasing. Guiana has to face a considerable energy deficit, especially in the west where the demographic growth is booming. By providing several MW of reliable and clean energy, CEOG fits with French Guiana’s energy strategy.

Connected to the grid through EDF’s power station of Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni, CEOG will meet the current and future needs of the population in the area.



CEOG will deliver a set production of electricity – called baseload – of 10MW from 8am to 8pm, and 3MW from 8pm to 8am the next day, free of greenhouse gas emission. This electricity will be provided through the combination of a PV plant, mass and long-term energy storage in the form of hydrogen, and short-term storage with batteries.


The power generated by CEOG will be distributed on Guiana’s grid and its production will be framed in a 20 year contract.



CEOG technology is detailed here


HDF Energy develops energy infrastructures based on hydrogen technologies: high power fuel cell (over 1MW), mass storage of energy connected to the grid, multi-MW power plants producing clean electricity 24/24.


Pioneer in this industry, HDF is commissioning in 2019 a worldwide first-of-a-kind in Martinique (French West Indies): a high power (1MW) hydrogen fuel cell, adding value to the hydrogen by-product from the SARA refinery by turning it into electricity.



To learn more about HDF Energy: Click here

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