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CEOG powerplant will produce reliable and quality electricity, injected into the Guiana electricity grid, 24/24, 365 day/year. Located west of French Guiana, the plant will increase the electricity offer in this area and therefore contribute to improve the local energy supply.


CEOG is an industrial infrastructure designed to run for a minimum of 20 years. Its technology and modular conception aim for an easy and inexpensive evolution: the power being stored as hydrogen in gas tanks, multiplying the number of tanks will suffice to increase the electricity stored by the plant. This will allow to inject even more renewable energy into the grid.


All this with no greenhouse gas emission, no pollution, no supply logistics and no fuel importation.


The objective of energetic independence for French overseas territories by 2030 is very ambitious. Territories will benefit from a reliable electricity independent from external markets. Its price will be competitive and set in advance.


The technology making this objective of energetic independence possible already exists: smart grids, competitive renewable energy, mass storage of energy.


CEOG proves possible today the generation of reliable and clean power, its mass storage for a duration long enough to cover a whole night of supply to the grid, at a lower cost than the current production cost based on fossil fuel.


CEOG is the first power plant worldwide to store in the form of hydrogen as many renewables produced locally to generate reliable electricity for local use.

CEOG is a significant example of non-polluting power production. It will contribute to Guiana’s energetic independence and set a reference worldwide.


CEOG project is set in 3 steps. Each step requires local professional resources in different areas and with different competences.


1- Development phase: 2018

This phase involves engineering experts (topography, environmental impact, industrial risks, wood enhancement, etc.). Where possible, expert engineers of Guiana will be contracted.


2- Building phase: 2019-2020

CEOG plant will become a large building site for a year. The site will require local labour and will generate a hundred of jobs in addition to the jobs related to the local economic returns (catering, etc.).


 3- Operation phase: 2020-2040

The power plant is designed to run for a minimum of 20 years. The plant, running 24/24, requires technician and guards.  30 jobs that cannot be relocated will therefore be created to run the plant during 20 years.

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